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Tamareed was established in Riyadh in 1998 with a view to introduce to the region  a palette of internationally reputed high end interior and exterior finishes for custom applications in the commercial and residential construction sectors.

Since its early beginnings, Tamareed has expanded its range of products and services and is now established in KSA, Qatar and the UAE to include:

  • Representation for 18 manufacturers of high quality interior and exterior custom finishes from Europe and North
  • Network of offices in KSA, Qatar and UAE providing technical and sales support to clients for interior finishes and light weight cladding
  • Technical support including installation ser
  • Capability to create or augment interior design solutions for private or public
  • projects of any
  • Assistance with selection and application of materials to meet “Green” or “sustainability- requirements to meet LEED






Tamareed brings over 15 years of experience to the table. With this publication, we  are pleased to present to you an overview of the expanse of options that are available through us to achieve your design and construction objectives.